Rudīte started visiting the Association Wings of Hope about 3 years ago, around Christmas time. Health deteriorated and a disability group was obtained.
During her career, Rudīte has worked as a teacher at Laurenču school and event organizer. Then he worked for many years at the Allaži social care center, where he worked as a social worker and also organized events. He also led the vocal ensemble at the piano. Cared for others a lot every day. In the course of life, I have met many different people with a lack of social skills, mental illnesses, both children and the elderly. Then the self-burning work phase followed and it was time to go to the shelter.
In the association, Rudīte likes musical lessons and beading, as well as decoupage technique. If you have to choose what is better to do, then I am happy to make blank fans for pearl crowns. Necklaces and earrings were much more difficult to make. It requires a lot of concentration and patience. I really like to decoupage candles and share my knowledge in the society. Can't be at home and sit still because then it doesn't feel good. Loves to try everything new, unknown. Rudite's decoupage skills make her concentrate more and maybe even get excited, so she does it less often. Most of all, and with joy, Rudīte talks about her role as a grandmother to her 8-year-old granddaughter and about her son's family. She teaches her granddaughter once a week to learn Russian language skills, because the teacher's talent is not forgotten at home either. The family has a beagle dog, Bella, with whom to take long walks. In her spare time, she sings in the "Teiksma" choir and visits Sigula's handicraft studio "Hobijparks". According to her faith, Rudīte is a Christian and prays and attends church every day.
Favorite flowers are 🌻 sunflowers and will never refuse delicious fish, tomatoes and blackcurrants. 😊 She has noticed that people in the association have become friendlier and more united after the announced Covid 19 crisis period. Bored and appreciate the importance of human relationships. Pray to God a lot. In the conversation, it is mentioned how important it is to arrange spiritual relations with oneself and the people close to oneself, as well as to be able to forgive oneself and others. She is happy when she can travel around Latvia. Every morning they say thank you for welcoming the morning and the day in the evening.

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