For about a year, Sanita has been visiting the "Wings of Hope" day center and says that her dream since school was to learn weaving skills! And it came true! Support was offered by social services and Sanita accepted this offer. Every day, she goes from Krimulda and gets up early in order to be in the center of the day on time.
There is no boredom and monotony in the center of the day, because the opportunities to learn different jobs are quite wide. In the beginning, Sanita arranged candle pieces in containers, where she learned a lot of good skills from her teacher Yvonne. Sanita also showed her candle-making skills to the housemates - I made my own candle at home for mom, dad, and brother. Later, he tried his skills in the ceramics department by making a bowl. Also learned decoupage technique - decoration of gift boxes. Currently, he is happy to tell how his teacher Renate supports him in the carpet weaving process. It is important that the threads do not break and to understand the composition of the color palette so that the colors look good with each other. At the moment, Sanita is weaving a carpet with a combination of two colors, but later, when her skills have strengthened, she will choose more colors. The woman is very good at winding the balls, which must be rolled tightly enough to be used in weaving. At the end of work, everyone has to clean up their workplace. She happily talks about the friends she made at the day center and the recent excursion to Sigulda Castle Park.
When spring comes, Sanita and her family are busy in the small garden. The land is being prepared for sowing and planting, so that a vegetable harvest will grow in the autumn, which pleases! Cooking "Vīriešu zaptes" is popular in the family, but the favorite food is potato pancakes, beetroot soup. The happiest spring holiday in Sanita's family is Easter, so the onion skins have been collected in time for the egg painting activities! 
In the long winter evenings, she crocheted a hat and likes to watch a documentary. When possible, she will definitely visit the Krimulda swimming pool, which is her little moment of joy! She has a lot of such small moments of joy, so you have to be able to see them!


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