For several years, Sandy has been attending the day care center. He feels good in this environment and gets along with everyone. He perceives this duty, to be here, as a natural part of life. Every day, his mother takes him to the "Wings of Hope" day center. Sandy does not speak, but communicates with mime and gestures. His assistant helps us to have a conversation.
At first, Sandy worked in ceramics, making clay figures. By rolling and forming balls of different shapes, plates were made. However, pottery didn't do so well, so most of the time he works in a candle workshop. Candle plates are broken into larger and smaller pieces. This work process promotes motor skills of small fingers, concentration skills, and the beautiful work result is not missing either. If a friend fails to pour the candles into the dishes, he will help to do it. Sandy is also good at felting. Made trays for pots. Employees describe Sandy as a very calm and helpful person. Sandy will be happy to help a friend who is struggling with one of the tasks. He will also clean up his workplace without being reminded.
In his spare time, the young man happily participates in the day center's dance classes and his dance partner is Zane. Also attends day center music and physiotherapy classes. He will definitely participate in excursions to gain new experience and knowledge. In order to get the girl's attention, he can sit on her leg or poke her with his elbow!  At home, he knows how to help his mother with the housework. Tidy up your room, make buns with tea. But in autumn, he participates in leaf raking. At the end of the day, he feels when it's time to go home and mom will have arrived, so he takes his bag and arranges it carefully. You don't have to look at the clock to know what time it is...

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