Signe is the beginning of everything created in Sigulda's horror "Wings of Hope"! Thanks to her arrival in Eva's family, the idea of ​​founding the Association "Wings of Hope" arose to support the development of another family, the social enterprise "Visi Var", and later also the creation of the community "Cerību māja". Signe has been our unofficial patroness for about 27 years and is always present in everything that happens! She is involved in everything and there is nothing that she does not notice.
We talked to Signi the previous evening and he said that he would prepare and dress up. At home, she has her own responsibilities, which she fulfills to the best of her ability.
Most of all, she likes to be and help in the Visi Var store in the afternoons and Saturdays. There you can help a buyer, organize the shelves, clean and be useful, which is very important for her. She also likes to press cork seals, this work is delegated to us by SIA Linde Gas.
Signe is also a leader in denim recycling. A template is taken and exact squares are cut. Denim bags, blankets, bears are sewn from the prepared material. It is also very good at making beeswax candles. We also prepare air fresheners on the order of SIA Lauro. In the company, she supervises that others carry out the tasks assigned to them. She will always find something to do! She has an excellent memory for remembering old events and details.
In the "Cerību māja" community, she participates in the spring cleaning and loves the horses there very much: Goldia and Vulkan. Of course also the red cat Rudi.
Loves Latvian music very much. She is happy to attend concerts and is especially happy to hear songs by Musiqq, Ralph Eiland and Reinik. He listens to CDs while driving. I also tend to listen to Russian genre music from the rapper Timati. With his methods, he will definitely negotiate a joint photo with one of the artists! Purposeful! Colleagues describe her as a kind and helpful girl.
Signe will never give up cotton candy ice cream, yogurt for breakfast. He is afraid of heights, so he would not jump with a rubber band over the Gauja bridge, but would rather travel with his family and play the game "Sausages".
Signe's favorite saying is: "You are rich"! She will make you feel, even for a moment, "5 centimeters" above the ground and inspire, as we all see it.

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