Solvita established cooperation with the association "Wings of Hope" in that beautiful period, when the maternity leave ended and there was a lot of free time, when her daughter started kindergarten. Spending most of the time with the family accumulates a huge amount of energy, which would gladly be devoted to work outside the home. Around Christmas time, Solvita started working, which is one of the busiest and warmest months of the year in the association. I remember the first decorations created for the event, which took place in the "Lora" cinema. "It used to be thought that people who visit day center services are particularly gloomy, pessimistic and unresponsive, but in reality everything turned out to be the opposite", says Solvita.
Solvita is a support person for visitors to the association's day center. The day begins with the question: "How are you, how do you feel, what's new"? Someone just needs help tying their shoes. Someone should help make a heart pattern in a candle, or the candle wick would stay straight, someone else felt a sauna hat. Her task is to follow up on all customer developments in the candle and soap workshops. It is definitely necessary to acquire knowledge about making products in order to be able to help children and young people create beautiful and high-quality works. Together with colleagues, we are looking for new, innovative solutions so that the idea can be implemented and the youth of the day center do not have to make uniform products. All young people love to get involved in making new candle shapes or soap designs because it feels like being part of an important process! Christmas time is special, when everyone is ready to act with the greatest sense of responsibility and joy. Everyone is happy to come to the workshops of the day center, because everyone is on the "same wave" - ​​to be responsible and help fulfill orders. At the moment, Solvita is helping young people in assembling the Lauro air freshener - you have to open a stick and put it in the "pockets".
"Work is almost like a second home and the people there are sweet and familiar. It has happened that when you come to work you have a sad mood, but no one sees it. Only Patricia suddenly hugs and comforts you. At that point, they are my support person. The feedback we create is coming. ”, says Solvita.
"Feelings about what you would like to do in your free time change, like the whole life, which is not at one point. Free time with family is essential. Everyone really likes to travel around Latvia together, because there are so many beautiful places that have not been seen. The interests of each family member must be adapted - for the daughter it will be a visit to the mini zoo, for the father longer journeys. But for Solvita, the environment that you can create around yourself is essential - tending the garden, creating a cozy home. My favorite city is Sigulda, which never gets tired of its diversity and always changes with the times, because there is always something new to see here!", Solvita shares her thoughts.


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