Far away!

Talis comes from a large family with 6 sisters and 2 brothers. Since the boy's mother passed away, Talis has been living in the "House of Hope" for about a year. It is his home, his friends and the filled time at the center of the day. He is a very smiling and responsive young man. In the House of Hope, he willingly participates in economic work. Talis was picking and sorting apples, which he was cooking for winter jam. 🍏Alices were also gathered for winter supplies. Tali likes sweets very much, but they should be consumed in moderation!😊

Talis is in the day center every day, because he likes the lessons very much. He is bubbling with interest because this process gives him the greatest satisfaction. Currently, a bracelet is being made, in honor of the upcoming November 18 holiday. Talis would also like to try making a bracelet for men. Has also participated in the ceramics department making cups. During the break, when everyone gathers together, there are singing and dancing lessons. Talis is a very friendly and smiling young man. Can line dance and is interested in baking cupcakes. I really like the music of Mārtiņas Rusk, so I would like to attend his concert. He looks forward to the holidays and prepares for them. The young man can read and write a little. He read the Bible and prayed. Recently participated in a 3-day camp in Ogre, "Heavenly Bowl". 🎼They sang together, played games and watched the evening fireworks show. Tal liked it so much that he didn't want to leave. Also made new friends.

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