We would like to say that after the first sentences there is a feeling that it is social work with people that is Tamara's calling and that she is at the right time and place according to her life course. This will also be confirmed during the conversation, and it should be added that only she has such a soft and sincere voice in our team.
Most of the work has been spent with children, young people who live either in an orphanage or a group home. Nine years have been spent in the Inčukalns orphanage, which was located in a hunting estate. There, her duty was to take care of teenagers aged 12 to 15 years. Domestic and emotional matters that affected these children were Tamara's daily life. It was important to listen to everyone, understand and look for solutions in different life situations. The day came when this orphanage was closed....the employees were fired. The life of every person who worked and lived there changed.
"One day, when I went for a walk on the streets of Sigulda, I noticed that Rīgas Street was busy, boxes and belongings were being packed. It was the beginning of the association "Wings of Hope" in new premises and everyone was busy getting settled. I met the manager and offered to help free of charge, as there is a lot of free time. After some time, I received a job offer and I am very happy to be in the "Wings of Hope" group home. Everyone has their own special needs here and I really enjoy talking to everyone. At first, I helped single mothers who were in this service, but later it became a group home. One day I offered the young people to draw - and if you knew how many bright colors were in the drawings and what talent was revealed in them, despite the emotional problems that everyone has had in the past! Anyone opens up to the good and bright path of life. Without me noticing, five years in the "Wings of Hope" association passed by, "says Tamara.
In addition to her duties at the group home, Tamara is also a saleswoman at the "Visi Var" kiosk in Sigulda, Stacijas Square. She knows which items "her young people" have made and will always be able to tell buyers about social work.
"My thoughts and the joy of my whole life are also focused on my beloved daughter Olga, with whom I can always talk warmly, call and plan vacations together, because we love to travel very much! Croatia, Norway and Denmark especially remain in my memory from what I saw during my travels. Unequivocally, thank you for a lifelong friend and strong shoulder next to you! One day I was thinking how good it is to live in Sigulda and it happened. For 40 years, I can proudly call myself a Siguldian! Thoughts have power and I trust and believe in God's good thoughts as well! I really love autumn flowers - gladioli, phlox, probably because I was born in autumn. I am looking forward with joy and good thoughts to the special event of the 5th anniversary of the group house "Kärklos", when everyone will celebrate the great work that everyone has done and the feeling of family that we give to each person from the heart!", says Tamara.


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