Tatjana lives in the group house "Spāre", it is located in Cēsi district. Tatiana is very careful, fair, sincere. Tatiana likes to start her day with a cup of coffee, her favorite cake Napoleon and honey cake. Together with the employees of the group home "Spāre", Tatjana likes to acquire new skills in cooking and confectionery, she wants to bake her favorite cakes independently. Tatiana can't wait for spring and summer, when everything will finally flourish and bloom. Then I would like to swim and go for a walk in Sigulda and see Rundāle Castle.
Tatjana likes to learn new skills and develop her existing talents in the "Spāre" daily class. She is a very careful sock knitter, Tatiana also likes to embroider and crochet. Every buyer of socks from the social company "Visi var" is wished to warm their feet and heart. You can familiarize yourself with the assortment of socks on the website of the social enterprise "Visi var", as well as by visiting the stores in person in Sigulda. By shopping at our company, you are supporting people with disabilities and their families, you are supporting the activities implemented by the "Wings of Hope" association to promote the employment and dignified life of people with disabilities.
If there was a chance, Tatjana would like to give all the children of the orphanage a tour, some soft clothes, each one their own, a set of new bed covers and more volunteers who would spend quality time with the children. The greatest joy for us, the employees of the group home "Spare", is when young people see themselves in the future, when they think and dream. Together we can help make many dreams come true.
Following the events in the world, Tatyana's call and request is to end the war in Ukraine.
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