Valts lives in the House of Hope and goes to the day center at the service association every weekday morning.
Like any of us, Walt has a desire to do different jobs and be around people. Since one hand does not listen to him, it must be actively employed and developed with practical tasks, which Walt also likes. One such thing is making felt hats. 🎩Felting - wool felting is a handicraft method for processing wool fiber. Two basic methods are used in felting - dry and wet felting, Valts works with both methods. A felting needle is used to create a design for a sauna hat. Felting needles are fine and they help to felt the wool in the right place to create a pattern. You can use a separate color felt for each part of the hat, it creates a pattern. Love making the felt balls used for the hat pattern. Valts would also like to try ceramics. He is a little afraid of new, unknown things, but when he starts something, he realizes that everything will work out!
In his free time, he likes to exercise with the presence of a physiotherapist. As well as singing together. Walt has a masculine, high-pitched voice. In the spring, he helped Ceribi with housework by removing potato sprouts. It was a big and responsible job. Walt's favorite meal is macaroni and cheese! In the evenings, the boy plays games with his friend, reads fairy-tale books and pets Rudi the cat. Engages in conversations with friends Jānis and Alisa with interest.
Valts would like to go to his beloved city of Cēsis to see the shops there and the Castle Park.
He dreams that he would really like to see the sea, because he has never been there.

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