Varis is a 19-year-old young man! He has been visiting the Association Wings of Hope every weekday since childhood.
Varim also liked to go to the youth service before, when he was still in services with children, and work together in lessons.
Varis likes to work alone and loves silence, he really likes to listen to music and listens to it on headphones during work 🎧. Labrat listens to the music of singer Antra Stafeckas. An integral part of his bag is a tablet on which he likes to show pictures of his travels with his family. In parallel with the conversation, Varis diligently breaks pieces of candles. He loves working in the candle casting department and cutting denim squares to create new products in the sewing department. Little by little, he becomes interested in other classes as well.
He was very happy about the drum lessons in the association and is trying his hand at playing the guitar. I like to cook cakes, sushi, soups at home. Will never give up cola (Coca cola) and chips. As proof, he has a store receipt for cola, even several, which his mother does not allow him to buy. 🙃 He knows how to write sms📱 on a mobile phone, about when he will be home and read simple texts. Labrāt also practices arithmetic, which has its own notebook. We really like to take pictures. He has a cute little dog at home.
On Mother's Day, Varis surprised his colleagues with gingerbread cookies, because he likes to make everyone happy. Varis is a very tidy, responsible and responsive young man. He is also happy to attend swimming pool lessons, which had been banned for some time now. Of course, I really love traveling with my family, where I get inspiration, knowledge and the joy of being together!😊
Varis does not speak and expresses himself with gestures, so thanks also to the employee Solvita for assisting to understand Varis in our conversation about life in and outside the association!
And thanks to Varim for the pictures he wants to share with you!

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