Victor is a 21-year-old young man who has been attending the association's services since childhood. He has two brothers. Mom is very happy that Viktor has his friends and activities every day in the association "Cerību kunguri". Viktors, except for the winter period, rides to the association by bicycle every day and listens to music with 🎧headphones. Really like UNO band, Little Big song and other English music. In the society, Victor does many different things to learn all-round skills. He is currently participating in the process of making kindling. They are made from used eggshells, which are broken into pieces and shaped into a flower, then dipped in melted, unburnt candle residue. Lighters can be used for more efficient lighting of fireplaces, bonfires and grills. Then they are packaged and they end up on the shelves of the Visi Var store. Viktor also likes to work in the ceramics workshop and is currently working on a new design flower pot with marble decoration. Has created a gold-colored raccoon piggy bank from ceramics! Viktor really likes dancing lessons. With the association, he participated in the "Come together" competition, which took place in the VEF Culture Palace, and also participated in the light theater show "Zakīša pirtiņa", which was shown in Jūrmala, at the "Daina" hotel. Viktor's native language is Russian, but he can also speak Latvian very well, which he learned at Mores elementary school and also by communicating with his friends in the association - Jānis and Matīs. He also visits the Sigulda swimming pool and the gym with his friends. In his free time, Viktors is a socially active user of Facebook and Instagram, and also enjoys going on excursions. I recently went on a pilgrimage to Medjugorje with my mother. It is a small town in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Medjugorje is located near the Croatian border. With the support of the association, they visited the zoo "Rakšos". Viktor knows how to prepare his own breakfast - an omelette or a healthy porridge, which gives strength to a new morning act. They like to watch movies or go to the cinema with their family in the evenings. Passionately watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon series on the computer. It also works in the home garden, where many flowers grow.🌼

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