Vineta lives in the House of Hope, it is her home, and her working days are spent at the day center. She will soon be 45 years old. She has a son, Werner, whom she misses very much, but life events have introduced their own adjustments, which must be accepted!

Everything is like home in the House of Hope. Your own room for peace and a large farm where you can work from the heart. Vineta likes it very much. In the past holidays, they made decorations for fruit trees, weeded the greenhouse. There are also responsibilities in the duties of an attendant - cleaning rooms, washing dishes, setting tables for meals. All this teaches you to learn everyday skills and to be useful and valued. In the large greenhouse, where 🍅tomato seedlings were donated in the spring, 🥒cucumbers, 🍆peppers, zucchini, pumpkins also grow. Since Vineta's mother is an agronomist, she has a love for gardening since childhood. The farm also prepares supplies for the winter, where everyone lends their hand to the work. From time to time, the House of Hope welcomes guests.
In the day center Vineta feels like the right place! She has acquired skills in beading making bracelets and head ornaments, but she devotes the most attention and care to painting silk scarves ✍️. Stencils are made and the paint is carefully applied slowly so that the drawing does not bleed out. After 3 days, if everything is finished, the silk scarf can be shown to the buyers of the Visi Var store. Vineta also works in the ceramics department where, with the help of teacher Maija, she learned the skills of making clay and created the first flower pots and cone decorations. She considers weaving carpets as a big challenge, which she is currently admiring from the sidelines.

In her spare time, she likes to listen to Latvian hits, such as the band "Apvedceļš" and romantic Russian music. 👂🎼 Has been on a trip to Lisieux, where she visited the Basilica of St. Therese, receiving a priest's blessing. He pleases himself with chocolate, but he especially remembers the first fruit from his childhood - a melon. Childhood tastes and memories are the most special for Vineta!🙂

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