The day center is where Vladislav comes every working day. He lives in a family with his mother, brother, sister. Attend day center classes. His mother tongue is Russian, but he understands Latvian perfectly. He is self-contained, speaks little and thoughtfully. The conversation with him is in a peaceful atmosphere, looking out the window on a sunny winter day.
Vladislav is best able to cut fabric strips. This is a job where he performs calmly and smoothly. This is a time when he can gather his thoughts. The cut material is then rolled into a ball and then used for carpet weaving. Vladislav has tried to weave a rug, but this work fails to perform independently. Everyone does what works best and also delights the result. Vladislav is happy to work in a housekeeping workshop. He is very orderly, polite and meticulous in his duties. If it is necessary to clean the premises, those present will be informed first and then work will begin. Accordingly, when the work is completed will be informed. He has a good time on the team and is happy to mention his friend Rodrigo, with whom he discusses hockey news. Both also go to gym classes because it helps them feel better. Singing and dancing classes are also enjoyed. I really like excursions with the day center staff. I was happy to visit the nature park Tērvete when it was possible. I would like to go to Jelgava and see the residence of the Dukes of Courland there! Also interested in Rundāle Castle, at a time when roses are blooming.
In the evenings, when Vladislav is at home, he watches TV. There is a small dog in the family named "Trevors", with whom he goes for longer walks. Vladislav also helps with house cleaning. At Christmas, everyone adorned the Christmas tree together, but they welcomed the New Year with a homemade homemade rosola, which Vladislav loves very much. Once a month he attends church and prays for people, because it is good for everyone - so that everyone has less tears.


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