Zane has been attending the day center of the Association "Wings of Hope" for several years. Happy to come every day to work and meet friends. Her main occupation is to break pieces of candles, put them in dishes. It develops finger motor skills and concentration skills. Candles have different shapes - pentagonal, cylinder, square, round. They are made from eco-wax and do not burn oxygen when burning in the room. Zane also made felt rests for pots and painted cones for decorations. She especially likes to have clean hands, so she doesn't have skills in making ceramics. Would like to. She has also tried making soap. In the afternoon, Zane enjoys taking part in music and dance classes. Of all the visitors to the day center, they like to be with Patricia the most, because both girls like to get dirty 💃 and make each other happy. Zane's greatest joy is showing her work to her mother, which at the same time motivates and makes her happy. Mom takes Zani to the swimming pool, which is a great source of relaxation and joy for her. The girl is very used to the rhythm of working days and knows when there are holidays and when to come to the day center. If the usual rhythm changes, he sits in the car and protests to get out. 😊 Until his mother convinces him. On weekends, Zane exercises with a ball at home and does kinetic sand. Taste different sweets. He especially likes to participate in the excursions organized by the association, such as to the city of Medjugorje (Croatia), where he proves his truly excellent endurance in hiking. Zane does not like loneliness and rainy days when it is more difficult to wake up because the morning starts early, around six. No one in the association has seen Zani in a bad mood! She is always smiling, endlessly optimistic and would never hurt anyone. Rather, they will want to touch and caress. In moments when Zane wants to be alone, he will look at a magazine for a long time until everything is taken care of. Even though Zane doesn't speak, she expresses her emotions with smiles, laughter and hugs, thus making everyone around her happy with the warmth of her heart❣️

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