15 years ago, I received an invitation to the "Wings of Hope" society's Christmas tree for children with disabilities. I had just returned from the hospital with my three-year-old daughter after a long, difficult treatment.
Then I saw for the first time how many of our “special” children there are! I met Eva, the leader of the association, who showed that we too can be happy, work, live like everyone else! Time began to pass faster - all kinds of classes, excursions, events of being together, where we were involved together everywhere... For a while, there was an opportunity to lead a light theater in the association. That's how my journey here began," Zhanna recalls.
“My life has two acts. One when your child gets seriously ill, the other when I receive bad news about my health. I guess I loved myself too little and I'm learning to do it more and every day! What I used to be able to do now seems like an impossible mission! It so happened that a man who could do everything and had ambitions, energy and willpower could not do everyday things now. I learned to accept myself and look for my new place in the world of work.." , says Zhanna.
"I cannot answer unequivocally about who I am in the social enterprise "Visi Var". I gladly accept the various responsibilities entrusted to me. I have the most amazing colleagues and I do what I love, I am proud of what we do and what miracles we can do! It is very important for me to be able to adjust my work schedule and responsibilities according to my ability to adapt. And I am needed here as I am. From time to time I am happy to create greeting cards and gift bouquets - for you. But my favorite time is Christmas, preparing different greetings for the holiday, I was invited to visit the children as Santa Claus and I really enjoyed it.
At Christmas time, for several years now, we have developed a family tradition, we invite people to donate gifts to children who are in the oncology department of the hospital at that time. "The moment when a child who doesn't want to get out of bed wakes up to happily accept a surprise gift is a moment of joy and positive emotions. I am in close contact with many children who have overcome cancer, and many of them remain in my memories..., that is the part of Zhanna's life that she shares her memories with us.
When asked about the meaning of life, Zhanna answers: "It seems to me that it is impossible to live without love. To love the air, nature, sun, snow, sea and the morning when you wake up full of energy. To love and accept every person, so different, who also has anger, sorrow, sharp character. I have to say THANK YOU for having cool people around," Zhanna says with sparkling eyes.
P.S. Zhanna's youngest daughter has grown into a feminine young lady who has graduated from elementary school with honors and continues to develop her artist's talent in the future paths of knowledge! But Zhanna's eldest daughter is a rich mother of 3 sons, two of whom are twins.
Zhanna, on behalf of our colleagues, we wish you good health and keep your core of love close! :)




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