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These personal data protection regulations apply to the website. If you do not agree with these personal data protection rules, please leave the website! By visiting this page, you agree to these privacy policies.

SIA “Visivar”, registration number: 40203121205, legal address: Čiatūras Street 13, Sigulda, LV - 2150, Sigulda (hereinafter - has undertaken the obligation to protect the privacy of customers.

1.Personal Data Processing Manager: “Everyone can” (hereinafter -, registration number 40203121205, legal address: Čiatūras Street 13, Sigulda, LV - 2150, Sigulda, website address:

2. The Privacy Policy provides information on how collects, processes, stores, shares, deletes and protects the Customer's personal data, thus ensuring that the Customer's personal data is processed legally, fairly and in a way that is transparent to the Customer. The current version of the privacy policy is published on the website, in the Privacy Policy section.

3. Applicable law: Regulation No. 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (27 April 2016).

4. is entitled to process the following personal data:

  • 4.1. Providing contact information (name, surname, personal identification number, delivery address, declared residence address, telephone number and e-mail address) on our website or store;
  • 4.2. Communication data - e-mail, letter or telephone number - related to the Client's communication with;
  • 4.3. Customer IP address information from the customer's account website or using cookies.

5. Basis for processing the Client's personal data:

  • 5.1. Customer's consent - The Customer, as a personal data subject, gives his / her consent to the collection and processing of personal data for certain purposes;
  • 5.2. Execution of customer orders and execution of a transaction - in order for to be able to execute a customer order, it must collect and process certain personal data that is collected during or before the preparation of the order.
  • 5.3. legitimate interests - has the right to process the Customer's personal data to the extent that it is objectively necessary for the performance of the activities specified in clauses 6.1-6.6. Read more at:

6. processes the Client's personal data for the following purpose:

  • 6.1. Preparation of tenders;
  • 6.2. For the execution of sales transactions;
  • 6.3. To ensure delivery;
  • 6.4. Informing customers about news and current offers;
  • 6.5. To review the Customer's complaints related to the goods sold or services provided;
  • 6.6. Business planning and analytics;

7. obtains the Customer's personal data when the Customer:

  • 7.1. Purchases products or services in store or online store, performing Customer identification;
  • 7.2. Ask for a product or service offer or contact in connection with a complaint or request for information, identifying the Customer;
  • 7.3. Participates in competitions, lotteries or surveys.

8. Transfer of the Client's personal data to third parties

  • 8.1. For delivery of goods - name, surname, e-mail, telephone number, delivery address.
  • 8.2. is obliged to provide information on personal data to law enforcement institutions, courts or other state and local government institutions, if it follows from regulatory enactments or a request for information from the relevant institution.
  • 8.3. will issue the Customer's personal data only in the necessary and sufficient amount in accordance with the requirements of regulatory enactments and the objective circumstances of the specific situation.

9. Duration of personal data storage: stores personal data in accordance with the defined purposes of personal data processing and the requirements of regulatory enactments as long as at least one of the following criteria exists:

  • 9.1. as long as the data subject's consent to the relevant processing of personal data is valid, unless there is another legal basis for the processing.
  • 9.2. as long as has a legal obligation to store data in accordance with regulatory enactments;
  • 9.3. while may realize its legal interests in accordance with the procedures specified in external regulatory enactments.

10. Data security and data repair

  • 10.1. All customer personal data that has become known on the website or during the store visit is considered confidential information. takes all possible security measures (administrative, technical and physical) to protect customers' personal data.
  • 10.2. The Customer has the right to reasonably request that his / her personal data be supplemented, corrected, as well as that the processing of personal data be terminated or the data be deleted if they are out of date, incomplete or no longer for the original purpose of data processing.
  • 10.3. online store user has the right to delete his profile by sending a request for e-mail: In this case, the request is accepted only if it is sent from the same e-mail to which the customer has placed the order.
  • 10.4. does not take responsibility for any unauthorized access to personal data and / or loss of personal data, if it does not depend on, for example, due to the Customer's fault and / or negligence.
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