General terms and conditions

1. The online shop visivar.lv is a website owned and maintained by SIA Visi Var, registration number: 40203121205, registered office: Čiatūras iela 13, Sigulda, LV-2150, Latvia.

2. The intellectual property rights of www.visivar.lv are owned by SIA Visi Var.

3. visivar.lv shall have the right to change the content of the website and its terms of use and these shall come into force upon publication.

4. visivar.lv is not responsible for any losses incurred by the user as a result of using the www.visivar.lv online shop.

5. Upon accessing and using the website www.visivar.lv, the user confirms that he / she has read and agrees to comply with these Terms and Conditions.

6. Before placing an order, the Customer must confirm that he / she has read these Terms and Conditions, as well as the Terms and Conditions of Delivery of Goods and the Guarantee and Withdrawal Rights.

7. Upon purchasing goods at the www.visivar.lv online shop, it shall be considered that this type of mutual agreement is a Distance contract, which is regulated by Cabinet Regulation No. 255 “Regulations Regarding Distance Contracts” of the Republic of Latvia.


Order placement

8. In order to make a purchase on visivar.lv, the Customer must place an order.

9. visivar.lv accepts orders from both registered and unregistered users.

10. To create an order the Customer must add the goods to the cart and press the button “Place an order”.

11. Additionally, the Customer must enter the delivery address and preferred shipping method.

12. www.visivar.lv shall not be responsible for any losses or other consequences arising from incorrectly specified data by the Customer while placing an order.

13. Payment for the purchase can be made by bank transfer upon receipt of the invoice. Before making a payment, the Customer must check whether the goods, quantity and prices correspond to his/her wishes.

14. www.visivar.lv sends the Customer an automatic e-mail with a confirmation of the order. If the Customer notices any errors in the order confirmation e-mail (unwanted goods, quantity, etc.), the Customer must immediately contact customer support of www.visivar.lv by phone (+371) 26371923 or by e-mail: veikals@visivar.lv.

15. The order must be paid for immediately and in full. Once the payment has been made, the order is considered as submitted and the assembly of the goods is commenced.

16. In case visivar.lv cannot deliver the ordered product or the desired quantity after the order has already been placed, www.visivar.lv will contact the Customer and specify the information.

17. If the goods cannot be replaced or substituted, or if the Customer is not satisfied with such exchange upon receipt of the goods, the Customer shall be entitled to cancel the order and the money shall be returned to the Customer's bank account within 14 business days. visivar.lv shall be entitled to refuse the execution of the order, notifying the Customer thereof and indicating the reason for the cancellation.

18. In case www.visivar.lv does not fulfil the order, the money shall be returned to the Customer within 14 business days.


Data confidentiality

19. The user shall be prohibited from disclosing his access data to other persons.

20. By using the www.visivar.lv online shop, the user agrees to the processing of his/her personal data. Processing of personal data is necessary for ordering and for the delivery of goods.

21. For website usage and traffic analysis purposes, SIA “Visi Var” may collect and store the corresponding data.

22. Detailed information on the processing and protection of personal data is included in the Privacy Policy.


Descriptions and prices of the goods

23. The images of the goods displayed in the online shop www.visivar.lv may differ from the actual goods. In order to clarify the description of the product or to eliminate any confusion that has arisen or is related to ordering it, as well as to avoid misunderstandings, please contact www.visivar.lv by e-mail: veikals@visivar.lv, or by phone (+371) 26371923.

24. All prices are indicated in EUR with VAT included. The price does not include delivery costs.

25. The company may change prices and apply discounts to the goods without previous notice. The goods are sold at the prices valid at the time of placing the order, except in cases when the goods have an incorrect price due to a technical error or due to system damage. visivar.lv shall have the right to refuse to sell the goods ordered in the online shop by informing the Customer thereof, if the goods are no longer available or the price and / or parameters of the goods indicated in the online shop do not correspond to the actual price and / or parameters due to technical reasons. The changes shall take effect from the moment of their publication in the online shop www.visivar.lv, and they shall apply to orders placed after the publication of the changes.

26. Delivery costs (if any) are accounted separately before placing a payment.


Cancelling an order or terminating a distance contract

27. Until the payment of the Customer has been received, visivar.lv shall have the right to cancel the Customer's order if discrepancies in product descriptions or prices are found.

28. The order is cancelled if the invoice is not paid for within 5 days from the time it was sent to the Customer.

29. visivar.lv shall have the right to terminate distance contracts in the event of excessive losses by the parties in the performance of the contract and in the cases specified in other regulatory enactments.

30. Cabinet Regulation No. 255 of 20 May 2014 “Regulations Regarding Distance Contracts” of the Republic of Latvia provides that the buyer shall have the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 calendar days without giving any reason for doing so, and to return the goods purchased in the online shop to the seller.

31. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, please fill in, sign and send this form together with a copy of the proof of purchase by e-mail to veikals@visivar.lv or by post to SIA “Visi Var”, Čiatūras iela 13, Sigulda, LV-2150, Latvia.

32. To meet the withdrawal deadline, it is sufficient for you to send your communication concerning your exercise of the right of withdrawal before the withdrawal period has expired — within 14 days from the time of the delivery of the goods.

33. To agree on the place and manner of return, please contact us by e-mail by writing to veikals@visivar.lv or calling (+371) 26371923.

34. If you withdraw from this contract, we shall return all payments received from you, except the costs for the delivery and return of the goods (these costs will not be repaid and shall be covered by the buyer), without undue delay and, in any case, no later than within 14 days from the day when we were made aware of your decision to withdraw from the purchase.

35. The buyer may not exercise the right of withdrawal if: (a) the buyer has unsealed the packaging for goods which are not suitable for return due to health protection or hygiene reasons; (b) the packaging of the goods has been opened, and the goods have been used for purposes other than determining the type, characteristics and operation of those goods.

36. The item must be returned in the original packaging and the buyer must provide an appropriate packaging for the safe transportation of the goods back to the seller.


Šeit divreiz adresē atkārtojās vārds “Sigulda”. Izņēmām to un papildus ierakstījām arī vārdu “Latvija”.

 Šeit divreiz adresē atkārtojās vārds “Sigulda”. Izņēmām to un papildus ierakstījām arī vārdu “Latvija”.

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